Presentation Guide


  1. A projector with a laptop will be installed for projection of PowerPoint file.
    • - A speaker shall submit a PowerPoint file during the registration, not just before the lecture.
    • - PowerPoint file version: Microsoft Office 2002/2003/2007/2010
    • - File name: PL01.ppt or PL01.pptx in case of first plenary lecture
    • Prefix

      • PL: Plenary lecture
      • KL: Keynote lecture
      • PP: Poster presentation
    If a speaker prefers to use own computer, please contact the staff in advance.
  2. Laser pointer will be provided.
  3. Poster panels (0.9 m x 1.8 m) with tape or pins are available.

Plenary and Keynote Lectures

  1. Plenary lectures: 45 min presentation and 5 min Q&A. Alarm sounds at 40 min, 45 min, and 50 min.
  2. Keynote lectures: 25 min presentation and 5 min Q&A. Alarm sounds at 18 min, 20 min, and 25 min.
  3. A chairman will lead lectures.

Poster Presentations

  1. A speaker shall attach a poster paper on the panel in Hall "Concerto" from 08:30, Nov. 25th to 18:15, Nov. 26th.
  2. Official poster session: 18:10~19:10, Nov. 25th
  3. Poster award ceremony will be done at 17:45 on Nov. 26th.