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We are very pleased to announce the 8th three countries joint symposium on 'Carbon Saves the Earth (CSE 2010) - Carbon Materials for Energy Devices and Environmental Protection - ' to be held at Centleisure Kijima Kogen Hotel in Beppu city, Japan from 25th to 26th November 2010.

CSE (Carbon Saves the Earth) International Symposium has begun at Fukuoka with the initiative of IMCE of Kyushu University in 2002, organized by Professor Isao Mochida. We feel very proud of this Joint Symposium on its high level presentations and the great deal of interest of deep considerations in CARBON SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY in Northeast Asia. Unchangingly, the aim of the symposium is to increase the cooperation of three countries' carbon specialists on carbon technology for high efficient energy consuming, saving, storing, and conversion, and also for environmental protections, where methods of one field are used for the problems of the other fields and vice versa, having in mind the need to strengthen the fields which are "in between".

The symposium covers an area such as;

  1. New forms of carbons: synthesis, tailoring of structure and nanotexture, functionalization
  2. Fundamentals and applications of adsorption
  3. Porous, activated carbons and other related materials
  4. Super capacitors, lithium batteries, fuel cells and other advanced batteries
  5. Gas and heat storage, solar energy conversion
  6. Environmental impact, trapping of organic and inorganic compounds
  7. Biological and health applications of carbons
  8. Catalysts and catalyst support
  9. Applications in micro electron
  10. High efficient utilization of coal (including CCT) and cokes
  11. Deep desulfurization, denitrogenation, and de-metallization of petroleum

In this year, we determined the Li-ion battery and super capacitor as keywords. High utilization of coal, petroleum and solar energy should be continuous keyword because their high efficient utilizations and environmental protection will be very important as years go by. Other carbons related to energy and environment are, of course, always welcome.

There will be 4 plenary lectures given by Prof. M. Ferhat Yardim (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), Prof. Katsumi Kaneko (Shinshu University, Japan), Prof. Jieshan Qiu (Dalian University of Technology, China), and a professor from Korea (not confirmed).

For vitalizing our special symposium style, we continuously make an emphasis on plenary and keynote lectures combined with extended poster presentations.

We are really appreciative of your constant passions and supports.

Organizer, CSE 2010 Symposium

Seong-Ho Yoon


Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering

Kyushu University