"Functional Carbon Materials Laboratory"’s Research Aim  ----- Prof. Seong-Ho Yoon

The fossil resources representing the petroleum and the coal have been thought as very important energies and materials to keep the human life from the past to the present. However, their absolute amounts which are able to produce from the earth have the limit and their uses have been polluting our environment. So, we must make an effort to reduce loads of the earth environment effectively by using the high technololgy. But, such goals can not be achieved easily, if we do not do more creative and flexible thinking on the basis of a scientific principle and continuous efforts. Also, we have to cooperate closely all together with global network for resolving these problems.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that we have to become a responsible person for thinking nature. The science out of harmony with nature has led cruel results to humankind. Our research group thinking always nature has been worked to solve these problems relating to energy and environment, using various carbon materials. Furthermore, we have been pursued to achieve our goals from elucidating scientific principles to practical applications through unremitting experiments.

In relation to our research, we have been studying four themes in the following;

  • Fundamental research of various carbon materials with high-functionality and high-performance - Invention of advanced materials by controlling their nano-structural units as the new methods
  • Materialization of nano-hybrid carbon materials by using the new nano-technology - Development into various application fields by newly improving properties of general carbon materials
  • Effective utilization of fossil resources as carbon materials for energies and environments - Research of De-SOx, De-NOx, desalinization, battery, capacitor and fuelcell by using activated carbons and carbon nano-materials supported catalysts
  • Constant creation of new materials and novel properties of new materials